Associated Press Poll Results Show Support for Same-Sex Marriage in Decline

The Associated Press conducted an online survey involving 1,004 American adults between the days of July 9th and July 13th to determine their support for the United States Supreme Court's recent legalization of same-sex marriage. The results – which are outlined and discussed in a full article by the Associated Press here – have analysts surprised, as they seem to indicate a rapid decline in support of the ruling.

According to the poll results, which have then been extrapolated to America's total population, around 42% of people are still in favor of same-sex marriage legalization and about 40% are not. Polls before the ruling showed a much higher percentage in favor, some showing 50, 55, or even 60%.

For there to be such a noticeable decline without there being an equal rise in opposition seems to suggest that many Americans have changed their stances from "in support of" to "unsure of" the decision. It is speculated that after so many people openly protested the ruling, citing a violation of states' rights and religious freedoms, people on the fence of support decided to remove themselves from the situation.

Will Anything Be Changing Due to the Decrease?

While the apparent drop in overall support of same-sex marriage legalization is certainly noteworthy, it does not necessarily have any sway over political outcomes. The Supreme Court's ruling has already been implemented and changes to marriage, divorce, and family law are already underway. If anything, the poll results will give further backing to people arguing against the decision and more reason for opposing politicians to fight for a repeal.

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