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Understanding Family Law

Defined, family law is the area of law that deals with family relations such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption and paternity. More specifically, family law addresses issues such as the following:

  • The nature of marriage, including civil unions and domestic partnerships
  • The termination of a marriage or permanent relationship
  • Any issues that may arise during a marriage, including adoption, child abuse, and more
  • Paternity matters such as fraud and testing

When issues related to the list above come to light, they will most likely be brought to the family law court system and handled appropriately. When your case is brought before this level of the court system, you will be best served by an Anoka County divorce lawyer from Brevik Law.

About the Logistics of Divorce

Few legal issues are as personal as those involved in the process of divorcing from your spouse. At our firm, we recognize this fact, and we work hard to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. We practice law in a way that makes our clients feel secure in the representation they have chosen for their case. The 20+ years that we have been in the legal profession have been spent perfecting our practice and how it best represents the clients that seek out our firm's services.

We know that the decision to file for divorce is not reached easily. Often, a great deal of time and thought are invested into the matter before an ultimate decision is reached. Once the process is under way, you will again be asked to devote a great deal of time and thought into how the matter will ultimately play out, and this is best done with the assistance of an Anoka County divorce attorney from Brevik Law.

How Our Minnesota Family Law Firm Can Help

At our office, we offer knowledgeable solutions to your family law problems, and we do so in a caring and compassionate way that is most conducive to yielding positive results for the clients we represent. For more than 20 years we have been practicing law in the state of Minnesota, and our knowledge and experience show it. As you proceed through the process of a divorce, you will be best served with the help of an associate from our firm who can assist in matters of every nature, including the following:

  • Property Division: Under Minnesota law a judge is to divide marital property in a fair and equitable manner; however, this does not necessarily mean 50/50 or down the middle. When dividing property, a judge will take a number of factors into consideration including the length of the marriage and one spouse's contribution as a homemaker.

  • Child Custody: In the event of divorce, you will likely want to retain the same privileges and time with your children that you enjoyed prior to the dissemination of your marriage. We are here to help with you obtain the custody agreement best suited for you situation.

  • Child Support: If your financial means are dramatically cut in the wake of a divorce you may be unable to support your children and provide them with the same comfort felt during the marriage. In this case, child support payments may be in order. Both parents of a child are responsible to pay for the needs of a child, regardless of which parent has custody.

  • Modification to Court Orders: The stipulations of a divorce agreement may not hold true months or years from the time the divorce was finalized. When this is the case, the court orders may need to be modified. You and your former spouse may be able to come to an agreement together but if you are unable to, the judge will be called to make the final ruling.

  • Enforcing Court Orders: If your ex-spouse is not adhering to the conditions set forth in your divorce agreement, a legal professional should be involved in the matter to ensure that the agreement is enforced. The law is not always on top of enforcing these cases so it can require you to take the first step by seeking representation.

  • Visitation: If you are denied custody of your children after a divorce, you may still be entitled to legal visitation rights. A modification can also be sought in these cases to later change the amount and frequency of visitation time.

  • Paternity: Paternity means establishing who the "legal father" of a child is. Unless the mother and father were married at the time of a child's birth, the father doesn't have the responsibility to financially support his child, nor does he have custody rights until paternity is established.

  • Relocation: After a divorce that involves children, there may be legal steps that need to be taken before a physical move to another town or state can be made. It may be a new job or better school system and the court will have to decide if they believe the move will be allowed.

  • Spousal Support: If one spouse stands to suffer substantial financial loss in the process of a divorce, the other spouse may be required to pay them a monthly sum in order to accommodate. Support is awarded to a dependent spouse and is done so according to the present situation. The amount and frequency can all be adapted depending on the needs.

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When you are filing for divorce or have been served with papers from your spouse, it is important to begin working out a plan with a professional that can help determine your goals and how to meet them. At our firm, we know the time before, during, and following a divorce is anything but pleasant. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure that the clients we represent are provided with nothing short of the very best when it comes to the legal services provided in their case. Contact us now to get started!

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