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Are you facing charges in a criminal case? Are you under investigation or being questioned by law enforcement? The most important issue at hand is getting a Brooklyn Park criminal attorney protecting you and your rights. Never answer any questions from law enforcement or other investigation units without first getting legal counsel. There are countless individuals who damage their own cases merely by trying to be helpful. In many types of criminal investigations, being questioned can shortly lead to an arrest, and everything you say, including your emotional state and your demeanor can be twisted for the benefit of the prosecutor. You must have protection and any questioning should be carefully managed by your attorney. At Brevik Law, we know how the legal system works and how quickly things can go off the rails. Never make a court appearance without legal representation. You need to discuss your case with our firm at once if you have been arrested.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brooklyn Park

Our firm is intent upon providing the highest quality criminal defense to each and every client we serve in the Brooklyn Park area. We know the criminal justice system and how to present a compelling case for the defense, whether the charges involve domestic violence, drug crimes or DUI. A misdemeanor offense is not minor; most misdemeanors can carry up to 12 months in jail as part of the punishment. A tough judge on the wrong day can be a real problem in a misdemeanor. Don't take any chances with your defense - get help from a true legal professional from our firm. We represent young people facing charges in juvenile crimes of all types, and take our responsibilities very seriously. A conviction can impact the ability to get or keep a job, educational opportunities and other important issues. Get help from an attorney you can trust to go the distance for your child.

Those who are facing criminal accusations in sex crimes are in serious trouble; there is little doubt that these types of offenses will have an impact that will last a lifetime. A large number of sex offenses will require registration as a sex offender for years or for life, no matter where in the country you move to. If you fail to register, you can be charged and taken into custody. You could be restricted from living in certain areas, being employed in certain jobs, and lose professional licensing, as well as having your name, photo, address and the crime involved posted for anyone with a computer or even a smart phone application to access. Get legal representation that will protect you at every step, and will be supportive, respectful and committed to you and your cause.

We represent individuals in the Brooklyn Park area in all types of theft crimes, such as shoplifting, burglary and robbery. You need to ensure you are not railroaded by the legal system and that you have an attorney that knows how to fight back in court. If you are under investigation or have been charged with white collar crimes, we can help. These are complex crimes in many cases, and the supporting evidence could be computer based or related to email or accounting. How the case is defended can greatly impact the decision of the court. Call our firm for information about how your case could be defended, and what strategy could be employed. We stand ready to serve you.

Dealing with Divorce Matters

If you are considering filing for divorce, there are many concerns about what will happen. Will you lose the family home? What will happen regarding your children and child custody and child support or visitation? Issues about spousal support can be a contentious matter. You want to have legal representation that will pursue your goal and objectives, and that has a high level of legal skill in family law. Negotiating a settlement prior to court can be beneficial, and our firm has the experience and skills you want on your side. We can help with enforcing court orders, a modification to court orders and parental relocation as well as other post-decree legal issues. Call today to meet our Brooklyn Park divorce lawyer and find out how we can help you.

Personal Injury Claims

Our firm also provides legal counsel in all types of personal injury claims. We know how much the amount you get in a settlement or verdict will impact your life, health and future. You can be confident that we will fight for you and your rights, and that we take your case personally. Whether you were injured in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, in a premises liability case such as a slip & fall or other dangerous situation, we can offer the highest level of client care and service, as well as commitment to you and your case.

Get legal representation from Brevik Law in criminal defense, divorce or personal injury claims.

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