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At Brevik Law, our Anoka attorney can offer the level of protection you need when dealing with the criminal justice system. We have served the area since 1995, and each case we take on is given the full attention of our legal team. We take every measure possible to make sure that you get the outcome that you want.

Criminal Law Representation in Anoka

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, the most critical issue to take care of is your legal representation. Exercise your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Wait to answer any questions, even if you are completely innocent, until your attorney arrives. We know your case outcome is important to you and to your family, as well as your freedom, and protecting your rights and interests will be our focus. The first step is to get your case reviewed by our legal team prior to any other action. There could be errors in police procedure, unreliable witnesses, lab or testing equipment failure and any number of other issues that could open the door to a case dismissal or make room for reasonable doubt. Call an Anoka criminal attorney at the firm for a case review.

Our criminal defense team will move into action immediately, once we take on your case. Early involvement is often important to the final resolution of the case, so call us as soon as you have access to a phone. Whether you are facing charges of domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, juvenile crimes, sex crimes, or your case involves theft crimes or white collar crimes, we can assist you. We know you need quality legal representation, and our goal is to serve our clients with personal legal representation from the beginning of the case through to its resolution. We fight for every possible advantage for each case we take on, and we offer unwavering legal support to you throughout the process.

Family Law and Divorce

The firm also offers legal representation for divorce and all the related matters, including child custody, child support, enforcing court orders, and other family law issues. If you need help to pursue a modification to court orders, or are considering relocation, or your problem involves spousal support or visitation, our firm can help you. We understand that the skill of your Anoka divorce lawyer will greatly affect the outcome of your case, so we do everything we can to make sure that you are properly represented.

Personal Injury Claims

Our legal team also practices personal injury law and can help you to pursue compensation for damages after a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other incident in which an injury took place through an act of negligence. We believe you deserve to get the maximum in compensation and are willing to press forward with legal action in court if the insurance company will not settle at a level that reflects the damages you have suffered. Our firm takes effective action, and is committed to protecting your right to the compensation for damages you deserve.

When our legal team takes on a case we are on your side, from start to finish. No matter how serious the charges, you can be confident that you will be treated with respect and dignity, and that we will be fighting to help you get justice, whether the case involves criminal defense, personal injury or is a matter of family law. With our years in practice and our professional approach, we have the skills and experience that you need at your side.

Skilled Trial Attorney in Anoka for your Case

If you want defense counsel that will bring a case to trial with a well-documented and persuasively presented case, we can help. Our firm is often called upon by people just like you in the Anoka area that face serious criminal charges, or are dealing with a first encounter with the justice system in a DUI charge. Whether the offense is a misdemeanor or a felony, it will require a full review and evaluation of all the details of the case immediately. There is no case that is without some flaw or weakness, and we will seek out the best strategy to employ to fight for you. A carefully managed defense case has a much higher potential of success, and we know exactly what to do to gain an advantage for our clients in court.

If you or someone you love needs legal representation, we invite you to contact our firm to find out more about us. We have gained a reputation for our excellent legal work, and we can help you with your case. There is no doubt that the quality of your legal counsel makes a difference in legal issues, and this is a well-established fact. Don't take any chances and hire an inexperienced lawyer - call upon our legal team and discuss your case. Experience matters when a case must go to trial. You don't want to have an attorney that won't go the distance for you, or urges you to plea out just because they don't feel comfortable at trial. You need the best possible legal representation on your side from the moment of your arrest. We will protect your rights, fight for justice, and we are always on your side. Contact our Anoka attorney at Brevik Law if you want quality legal counsel fighting for you in a criminal case, personal injury claim or in a divorce or family law matter.

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