Enforcing Court Orders

Divorce Attorney in Anoka County

The provisions of a court order are meant to be strictly adhered, and when they are not the courts will need to be involved. When child support payments are not followed or paid out, there is legal action that can be taken to ensure that you receive the financial assistance you need in order to adequately care for you children. The state and federal governments have designed specific ways to ensure that you are provided with the supportive means you need, and an Anoka County divorce lawyer from our office is prepared to help make sure that the proper provisions are made in order to afford you the financial means necessary to care for your children.

How to Enforce a Court Order

Wage deductions are the most common means of enforcing a court ordered payment of child support. When this method is employed, a court order will extend past the person responsible for making said payments and reach out instead to their employer who will be required to pay out a portion of the parent's wages directly to a state agency. The agency will then send the appropriate amount of money to the parent in need of the supportive payments. Since 1994, federal law has actually required that this be the primary method of making child support payments, unless both parents of a divorced party agree to different conditions. When this method is not sufficient in providing the support due to a parent, other provisions can be made, including the following:

  • A parent that does not pay their child support payments can be held in contempt of court, which could then lead to jail time and fines.
  • The state can actively intercept both federal and state tax refunds of a person who has not made good on their support payments.
  • A liens can be placed on a persons' property (car, real estate, etc.)

Assistance from a Anoka County Lawyer

If you are not being paid the court-ordered payments that are rightfully due to you after a divorce then you should waste no time in contacting an associate from our firm for help. At Brevik Law, we have the experience needed to help you aggressively pursue a case in which court-ordered payments are not being made to you in a timely manner, if at all. Since 1995 it has been our mission to support individuals going through a divorce or attempting to reclaim their lives after the process has been completed. Sometimes, this requires legally taking action to ensure that support payments are made as they should be, and when it does we are here to help. When you contact our firm, you will be paired with a legal professional that will remain steadfastly by your side from the day one all the way to the last, so do not wait to call our office today for the legal help you both need and deserve.

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