Child Support Issues

Representation from a Divorce Attorney in Anoka County

Once custody has been established in the case of a divorce, the next step will be the implementation of child support. By law, the non-custodial parent of a divorced couple with children is required to pay a designated amount of money per month to the custodial parent; this is referred to as child support and it is designed to do exactly what it sounds like - support the child. The money paid out by the non-custodial parent should be used by the custodial parent to cover the expenses of raising a child on their own. Child support may also be awarded in cases of paternity in which the parents are no longer together, and the father has been determined through a paternity test.

How to Determine if You Are Eligible to Receive Child Support

With the help of an Anoka County divorce lawyer from our firm, you can determine whether or not you are eligible to receive child custody payments, and if so, how much you will be due per month. Keep in mind that being the custodial parent of a child does not automatically mean that you will be eligible for child support payments. There are legalities that must be attended to before the payments can be implemented, including being able to locate the other parent and having a court carry out the child support order. If these are non-issues, or if they have been taken care of, then you will be eligible to receive supportive payments based on each parent's income, the needs of the children, and the cost of living expenses.

Anoka County Child Support Lawyer Supports Your Best Interests

There are several different ways that child support can come about. The three main ways that support payments will be established are through:

  1. a court order
  2. negotiations between both parents,
  3. an out-of-court alternative dispute resolution (ADR); this looks something like mediation.

For all of these, we are prepared to help. If you and your ex-spouse are willing to sit down together and work out a plan that fits both of your needs, we will be there to support the negotiation process. If you and your ex need a professional to help in the decision process, an associate from our firm can act as a mediator. If a court orders the payment, we will be there to represent you and explain exactly what the order entails and how it will affect you.

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Determining custody and child support is often one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce for parents. For this reason, Brevik Law is here to support you through the process. We have been doing precisely that for over 20 years, and we have played an instrumental role in lives of children and parents throughout the state. As a custodial parent, you may need financial help; this is not uncommon, nor is it something to be ashamed of. We can help you establish this need legally and work to obtain the payments you are rightfully due in order to ensure that the wellbeing of your children is maintained after a divorce and custody have been established. Contact an Anoka County child support attorney to learn more.

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