Robbery Lawyer in Anoka County

What are the charges for robbery?

In layman's terms, simple robbery in Minnesota is taking the personal property of another through the use of or the threat of force. Aggravated robbery involves use of a dangerous weapon, or bodily harm to the victim. In either case, robbery is a felony. You face the possibility of a 10-20 year prison sentence and heavy fines if you are charged with this crime. Your best course of action is to retain the services of knowledgeable Anoka County criminal defense lawyers. Our attorneys at Brevik Law have the experience and knowledge you need if you are searching for the best possible defense. We will advise you, guide you and fight for you.

Defenses for Robbery

Our approach to your defense will depend on the circumstances of your case. One common defense is to challenge identification by an eyewitness to a robbery. Questions can be raised about the following:

  • Witness's ability to clearly see the suspect
  • The witness's state of mind at the time of the incident
  • The length of time between the incident
  • The witness's identification of the suspect.

These questions could raise reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury. Our lawyers have nearly 20 years' experience representing clients in criminal matters, including theft crimes. You can trust our firm to develop the best strategies for your defense.

What are my rights after an arrest for robbery?

It is important to bear in mind that you have rights in our criminal justice system. Among others, you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. It is best to have the advice of counsel as soon as possible after arrest. What you do and say in the beginning could have an effect on the outcome of your case. Our lawyers will work diligently to protect your rights. We will guide you through the process with the goal of the best possible results for you. Contact us for outstanding, effective legal representation.

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