Drug Defense Lawyer in Anoka County

The Penalties of Drug Possession & Other Offenses

United States law prohibits activity of any kind with controlled substances, including:

  • Use
  • Possession
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution

Trafficking and production are also not permitted under any circumstances. If law enforcement officers have reason to suspect that you have violated a drug law in any way through a behavior described above then you will undoubtedly require the aggressive skills of a criminal defense attorney in Anoka County that can help you fight the allegations that have been made in your name. Only in this way will you be able to feel secure in the chances you stand of being released from the drug crime allegations that are currently hanging over your head.

What happens if I am convicted of a drug-related offense?

Possession of illicit drugs such as cocaine and marijuana is illegal under both state and federal laws. Possession charges often accompany other drug related offenses, as possession of the substances is required to be guilty of another type of drug-related behavior. However, simply possessing the drug is enough - nothing else needs to happen in order for a criminal charge to be made. If you are convicted of possession only you will likely be penalized with a light fine.

If your charges stem deeper and include an offense such as cultivation or intent to sell could result in thousands of dollars' worth of fines and possible prison time. The sentencing of a drug crime will depend greatly on the type and weigh t of the drug involved. Prior criminal convictions will also factor into any penalties incurred.

How Brevik Law Can Defend You

Being arrested and accused of a drug crime is a serious offense, to say the least. However, incurring charges does not equal an immediate conviction. In fact, with the help of an Anoka County drug crime lawyer from our firm, you may be able to avoid a conviction and penalties altogether. At the very least, your sentencing will likely be reduced from the original charges made against you.

There are several defenses that can be employed after being charged with drug possession and we are prepared to employ any and all that may apply. When you choose our firm as your legal representation, we will review the logistics of your case to determine if any of the following were at play when your possession charges were made:

  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • Entrapment
  • Planted drugs
  • Drugs belonged to someone else

If any one of these circumstances led to your arrest then you are more than entitled to defense. Even if these matters weren't at play, your case is not hopeless.

Brevik Law Is Committed to Getting Positive Results!

We are here to find an approach that will best fit your case, and we won't rest until we can confidently say that every effort has been made in the defense of your case. Contact our law firm in Anoka County to begin working with us.

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