The Criminal Process in Minnesota

What happens after I get arrested in Anoka County?

The criminal process usually begins with an arrest or a police stop and continues until a defendant is convicted or released. At every step of the criminal process you are provided with certain rights that have been designed to protect you from abuses within the legal system. At Brevik Law, an Anoka County criminal defense attorney is here to make sure that your rights are upheld at every stage of the game, from the initial arrest to sentencing and beyond. Since 1995, the firm has been practicing law in the field of criminal defense and the skillset of the attorneys at the office shows it.

Taking Your Criminal Charges Seriously

Being associated with a crime is not something to mess around with. In fact, the longer you wait to seek the services of an experienced defense attorney regarding your case, the less chances you will have at completing your criminal process with success. It takes the knowledge of an experienced professional to be able to adequately address any and all legal allegations that have been made in your name. Therefore, you cannot afford to wait to contact Brevik Law for the legal representation you both need and deserve after being arrested in the state of Minnesota.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Anoka County Protects Your Rights

There is no telling what will come of a criminal accusation that has been made in your name. One thing that is for sure, however, is the process that you will be expected to go through as you attempt to recover from the allegations that have been made in your name. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, etc. are required to behave appropriately at every step along the way of a criminal process, and with a defense attorney by your side you can make sure that they do just that.

Schedule an Appointment with Brevik Law

By contacting an associate at Brevik Law you will be taking the active steps needed to make sure that your criminal process is completed with reliable representation that is both knowledgeable and experienced in the criminal defense methods that can be utilized to support your case. That being said, there is literally nothing better that you can do to enhance your situation than to align yourself with a defense professional that you can rely on for support throughout the entirety of your criminal process in Minnesota.

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