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Some activities and behaviors are only viewed as criminal when the perpetrator of such is a minor. Juveniles will be held criminally responsible for certain actions that would under normal circumstances for an adult be viewed as non-criminal in nature. Such offenses include:

  • truancy
  • curfew violations
  • possession or consumption of alcohol
  • purchase of cigarettes

When activities of this nature are engaged in, the juvenile involved will be held criminally responsible for their actions. The legal theory behind this school of thought is that offenses that have been deemed as "status" offenses are supposedly harmful to minors, and hence need to be protected against by the court system.

Penalties for a Juvenile Offender

Juveniles can also face criminal charges of a more serious nature, i.e. offenses for which even an adult would be charged. When this is the case, a skilled criminal lawyer will be needed as the matters are somewhat complicated from what they would be if the crime had been enacted by an adult.

With a few exceptions, criminal offenses committed by minors will be tried in a separate court system known as the juvenile court system, rather than in the adult courts. In this type of legal arena, a different focus will be paid to the matter at hand. Instead of aiming to convict and punish, the courts will instead seek to employ rehabilitative methods of improvement for a guilty juvenile delinquent.

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If your child has been criminally accused of a juvenile offense in the state of Minnesota then you should waste no time in contacting an aggressive Anoka County criminal attorney from our firm. In matters of this nature we will apply a common-sense approach that is designed specifically to address the matters at hand, whatever they may be.

Whether the juvenile in question has been cited for a status offense or something more serious, we are prepared to take on the case and work to relieve the defendant of the charges they are currently facing. Employing skillful defense methods that are tailor-made to suit the unique needs of each individual client we represent, you will more than likely benefit from retaining the services of an associate at our firm.

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