Marijuana Crimes in Minnesota

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While many states have legalized marijuana for recreational use in recent years, it is still illegal to possess, distribute, cultivate, or purchase marijuana in Minnesota. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance under Minnesota state law and may only be possessed for medical purposes with a valid prescription. If you have been arrested for a marijuana-related offense, you could be facing harsh penalties such as jail time, expensive fines, and a permanent criminal record. At Brevik Law, our Anoka County criminal defense attorney can provide the aggressive advocacy you need to maximize your chances of securing a favorable outcome for your situation.

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Marijuana Possession and Sale in Minnesota

While marijuana is still illegal in Minnesota, minor possession charges are punished far less severely than in other states. Possessing small amounts under 42.5 grams is a petty misdemeanor charge punishable by a $200 fine and possible drug education course participation. While this may seem like nothing more than a slap on the wrist, any criminal conviction can have a lasting impact on a person’s reputation and ability to find suitable employment.

Possessing more than 42.5 grams is a far more serious matter, carrying the following penalties:

  • For more than 42.5 grams but less than 10 kilograms: up to five years in prison
  • For more than 10 kilograms but less than 50 kilograms: up to 20 years in prison
  • For more than 50 kilograms but less than 100 kilograms: up to 25 years in prison
  • For 100 kilograms or more: up to 30 years in prison

In addition to prison time, a conviction will carry anywhere between $10,000 to $1,000,000 in fines and a felony criminal record. Penalties can increase if a person is also charged with intent to sell, as well as if the alleged sale is to a minor. Regardless of the circumstances, all marijuana crimes are serious and must be handled by a powerful attorney in order to be successfully defended against.

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