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After being arrested and / or criminally charged in the state of Minnesota you will undoubtedly require the knowledge and representation of a legal professional that can help defend you against the penalties you stand to face if convicted. Therefore, you should not wait to contact an Anoka County criminal defense lawyer from our firm as soon as possible and schedule your free initial consultation.

When you call Brevik Law, here's what you can expect:

  • You will immediately be put in communication with an attorney that has the experience, knowledge, and common sense needed to effectively defend you against the charges that have been made in your name.
  • We will focus on getting you results, and our approach is tailor made to fit the specific needs of each individual client we serve.
  • At all times you will be treated as an equal - a partner in the plan and actions taken on behalf of your defense.

At our firm, we are dedicated to serving individuals facing all types of criminal charges, including:


Drinking and driving is a criminal offense under state law that can lead to penalties ranging from time in jail to a license suspension. The penalties will climb for each additional conviction that is sustained making it important to defend against charges at all costs. For those that involve certain factors such as causing an accident or leading to an injury or death, the penalties can be substantially increased. It is wise to recognize that these can be fought and this is often the best choice.

Drug Crimes

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense for the drug crime for which you have been charged. This will be based on the amount of the drug, the type of drug, the use of it and if you have any past convictions. It may include the possession of a controlled substance, the sale or transportation. This is a widespread occurrence that can happen amongst an individual or on a global level.

Theft Crimes

From shoplifting, to burglary, to armed robbery there are a number of different types of theft crimes and an equal number of penalties. The charges against you will affect the severity of any punishment you receive if convicted.

Sex Crimes

Being convicted of a sex crime of any degree will automatically result in mandatory registration as a national sex offender; other penalties will be incurred as well. This covers a range of different crimes that are sexual in nature and can constitute up to a felony offense.

Violent Crimes

There are several forms of violent crimes including assault, domestic violence and murder. The circumstances surrounding a charge can vary and there are many factors to take into consideration. Since these can be so drastically different, there is no limit to the amount of penalties that can be faced, with a murder in the first degree even punishable by life imprisonment.

White Collar Crimes

As a federal offense, many white collar crimes will be tried at the federal level - a higher level of the courts that will likely act more aggressively against you in case proceedings. Penalties incurred at the federal level will also be much more severe. White collar crimes include instances of fraud, money launderings, embezzlement and similar charges. They often occur in a business setting and leave many working class citizens as the main suspect in a criminal case.

Juvenile Crimes

Almost all juvenile offenses are tried and handled in a separate court system from the adult system. Therefore, your defense attorney should be familiar with the proceedings and legalities of the juvenile court system as well. The process and penalties for these situations will differ but they can still lead to serious damage to an individual that is under the adult age of 18.

Domestic Violence

Police officers will almost always make an arrest when domestic violence allegations are made, whether or not it can be proven that the accusations were true. A heated moment between relatives, a married couple or others in a close relationship can become blown out of proportion when emotions are high.

Penalties of a Conviction

A criminal conviction, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony charge can leave you with serious consequence, including the following:

  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • License suspension

These are only a few of the penalties that can be imposed if a guilty sentence is given. You have the right to remain silent and this is something that you should exercise. It is typical that law enforcement will attempt to get you to say something.

Call Brevik Law

As soon as possible contact a member of our office by calling (763) 200-6594 or submit an online form and wait until your legal representation is present before speaking with officers. From here an Anoka County criminal attorney can be with you from the arraignment to trial if it is necessary. It is important to begin defense from day one and an attorney understands how to implement this, including beginning investigations to find any valuable evidence. No matter what charges you are facing, it is our ultimate goal to ensure that you are represented in a positive light that yields the best possible chances of reduced or dropped sentencing.

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