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Since 1995, Attorney Chris Brevik has been practicing law. He has a strong passion for the cases of his clients and is able to help in a range of differing areas. Legal matters can come at a high cost if they are not dealt with in the correct manner. Attorney Brevik is continually looking to provide clients with service that is effective, compassionate and dedicated. His intricate understanding of the legal system has allowed him to aid clients with varying cases.

Clients are always the main focus and he makes every effort to assist them in whatever way he can. This includes discussing their cases through a free initial consultation; providing them with valuable legal insight at no cost. A consultation can help determine the best route to take and establish realistic expectations up front. If you are dealing with an issue of criminal law, family law or personal injury law, retaining the services of Attorney Brevik may benefit your case immensely. Call the firm to speak with him as soon as possible.


St. John's University - Collegeville, MN, B.A.

William Mitchell College of Law, J.D.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

For those that are dealing with criminal charges, he offers aggressive defense; investigating the charges against his clients and a building a strong case in their favor. When going up against criminal charges it is advised not to do so alone. He has assisted many clients to take an effective route when seeking to have charges reduced or dropped completely. You deserve justice and he is here to do anything possible that may help ensure you gain it.

Family Law & Divorce

He is also ready to aid those dealing with a family law related matter. Going through a divorce can be an incredibly difficult process that having a professional present for can help relieve the tension, confusion and unknown. Helping clients recognize the do's and don'ts is a high priority since a wrong step can deter almost any situation. When dealing with divorce, issues of child custody, spousal support and child support can arise. He will look out for the best interests of you and your children. Even after a divorce case has been resolved and the terms are given, a modification can be sought later on. He has aided clients through this process; petitioning the court to have alterations made that fit the current circumstances better.

Personal Injury

For those that have been injured by the negligence of another person, he has extensive experience taking on personal injury cases. Retaining compensation is critical and he does everything within his power to gain the highest amount available. This includes reviewing settlements from insurance companies and negotiating until they are favorable. Without proper representation it can be easy for a victim to be given less than they deserve.

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