What is an Expungement?

Have you already been convicted of a crime? You may have already received and served your sentencing and are not looking to avoid the penalties, rather you are looking to finally put an end to the situation. Even after a sentencing is over, the ramifications can continue on. Many details of a crime can be gained by those that you do not want having access to the information. This includes potential employers that conduct a background check. A conviction can affect where you are able to live, your credit, your career and social life.

There is a way out that can be sought by making a legal change. This option is known as an expungement and it must be done through the court system. A judge will review the details of a past case to determine if they find sufficient reason for the records to be sealed. Once a case is sealed, only certain officials will have access to it. It does not get rid of the record completely, but only allows the FBI, police and other officials to see it. An expungement can be sought by a person that has been convicted and even those that were found not guilty since law enforcement can still seek information regarding the case. An expungement in a case that was not in favor of the suspect (a conviction was sustained) will be much more difficult to gain a successful outcome in.

These situations should be handled by a skilled attorney. The petition will need to be filed with the court and there will be a filing fee that comes along with it. Contact Brevik Law if you have already been convicted and are looking for an expungement, or if you have been charged and are looking to avoid the penalties.

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