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If you are in trouble with the law in a criminal case, the actions you take early in the case could have a big impact on the final outcome of your case. At Brevik Law, we move into action fast for our clients, and protect their rights from the outset. Our firm has been in practice since 1995, and we have a long history of success, both in negotiations and at trial. The quality of your defense lawyer is the most critical issue if you have been arrested. Don't take any chances with your future and freedom; get the best Fridley criminal defense lawyer possible.

We believe that our personal commitment to our clients, our professionalism and our legal skills can serve you well. We defend all types of criminal charges, from misdemeanors through to serious felony offenses, and we know what it takes to be successful in court. It requires personal commitment to the client's cause, hard work and insight. Defending a case in court requires that there is a well-crafted defense case, and that your criminal lawyer has the ability to present your side of the story persuasively to the jury. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you. The earlier we are involved, the better the options that could be helpful to your case.

Criminal Lawyer in Fridley

Our criminal defense team defends against charges of domestic violence, one of the most commonly filed charges. A charge can be filed even if you have done nothing, based merely upon the statements of the alleged victim. The damage to your life and reputation can be extensive, and a conviction can lead to jail or prison time, mandated treatment classes, fines and you could be restricted from seeing your own children or accessing your home or your personal possessions. Get help immediately if you have been charged. The firm also takes action for those who are facing charges in drug crimes, whether possession, trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, cultivation or other crime. We can defend those who are accused in a DUI charge, whether a first time misdemeanor or a serious felony in which an injury or death has occurred.

If your son or daughter is facing charges in juvenile crimes, we do everything possible to protect them from harm. There are often alternatives that should be sought in cases involving young people and criminal charges. If the situation involves a felony crime, we must fight to keep the case in juvenile court, where there is more leeway and the focus is on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. Let us help you protect your child.

If you or someone you love is accused of sex crimes, you need to ensure that you are protected by an attorney that knows the criminal justice system intimately. These are dangerous charges with heavy penalties, and we offer the level of legal protection you want on your side. The same is true in all types of theft crimes, and white collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement or forgery. Call us now for help.

Divorce Attorney: Protecting Your Rights in Divorce and Family Law

At our firm, we offer legal services in all family law matters, including divorce. The areas of concern, such as child custody, child support, spousal support and visitation can often be resolved through skilled negotiations with the opposing attorney. This allows your divorce to be resolved without the need for a trial or a court decision imposed upon you. We carefully manage every detail of the process, and will make every effort to fight for your rights and interests, as well as your objectives in your divorce. Our trusted legal team is also available for post-decree legal issues such as enforcing court orders, any needed modification to court orders, and issues involving parental relocation. Call today for assistance.

Personal Injury Claims in Fridley

Our firm is known for their quality representation in all types of personal injury claims. We are concerned for the health and future of the injured, and take a great deal of care and interest in each and every case we take on. Cases involving serious injury lead to extensive medical bills, ongoing care and treatment, rehabilitation, and other costs. The non-economic damages must also be addressed in your claim, including pain and suffering or loss of quality of life. You can trust our firm to pursue every possible form of compensation in injury claims. We know the process and we know what it takes to get results. Call us for more information about your case and your rights.

Get quality legal representation in criminal defense, divorce and family law and personal injury claims from our Fridley criminal defense attorney at Brevik Law.

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