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In Minnesota, you can be charged with a DUI or DWI (driving while intoxicated), if you are driving over the legal limit of intoxication.

  • To be charged with a DWI it will need to be proven that your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level was at .08% or higher.
  • To incur the charges and penalties of a DUI, however, all that needs to be proven is that you were driving under the influence of an impairing substance - this can, but does not have to, include a specific alcohol level.

According to state law, an individual will be arrested if his / her BAC level tests above the legal limit (.08%) at the time that sobriety tests are administered. However, persons whose BAC falls below this percentage are still subject to arrest if the law enforcement officers can prove that alcohol or drugs were the source of your driving errors. To get trusted defense, you need to discuss your case with Brevik Law. Our legal team has over 20 years of experience and has developed a number of effective strategies.

About Your DUI Charges

If you are facing charges of this nature then you should know that you are not alone. Minnesota Drivers and Vehicle Services (DVS) estimates that more than 30,000 people are arrested every year for DWI. Depending on your blood alcohol level, your charges and penalties will range on a spectrum of severity, from misdemeanor offense all the way up to felony offenses. The arrest situation, a previous driving violation, or having a criminal record will also affect the penalties you stand to face if convicted. To combat the possibility of being convicted of DUI in the state of Minnesota, you should not wait to contact an Anoka County criminal defense attorney.

Penalties of a DWI Charge in Minnesota

A common penalty for DUI and DWI charges in the state is the installation of an ignition interlock device. First-time offenders with a 0.16 BAC or above, as well as all second-time offenders, will be required to use the ignition interlock device every time they get in the car. Before starting the vehicle, a driver must provide a breath sample that clearly indicates their sobriety. Drivers that forego this option will instead lose their driving privileges altogether - both penalties can last up to two years, with a year-long sentence being the minimum amount of time that the punishment will be enforced.

In addition, drivers will be faced with a slew of other penalties, which will be assigned based on the circumstances of their case (i.e. intoxication level, past records, etc.). Included in the additional penalties that may be incurred are:

  • Jail Time
  • Vehicle Forfeiture
  • Fines worth thousands of dollars
  • License suspension or limitations

Any loss of driving privileges that stem from an alcohol-related incident will require an additional $680 reinstatement fee, driver's license application & fees, a DWI knowledge test, and a chemical health assessment.

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Your best chances of avoiding these penalties - or at the minimum reducing them - is by obtaining the legal support and defensive skills of an associate at our firm. For more than a decade we have aggressive represented DWI cases in countries throughout the state. We know what it takes to successfully represent cases of this nature, and our Anoka County DUI lawyers are prepared to put our criminal defense skills and knowledge to work in the defense of your case.

Whether this was a first-time offense or you are facing a second- third- or fourth-offense, we know what methods need to be employed to effectively ensure that you are adequately defended in a way that tallows you the opportunity to continue your life after being arrested for DWI in Minnesota.

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